Here's why a cup of coffee in Sheffield will soon cost more ,according to one of the city's major suppliers

A cup of coffee could soon cost more due to a ‘perfect storm’ of problems, says one of the UK’s largest independent coffee companies based in Sheffield.

By Steven Ross
Monday, 8th November 2021, 2:47 pm
Steve Hampshire of Roastology, a part of the Cafeology brand.
Steve Hampshire of Roastology, a part of the Cafeology brand.

After a turbulent year it seems that a rise in the cost of living has been the only consistent element in our lives, and now coffee is expected to join the long list of everyday products that will become more expensive.

A variety of factors including a drop in Brazil’s coffee harvest, ongoing supply chain issues across the globe and continued fallout from Brexit are expected to push up the price per cup this year.

Steve Hampshire, Head of Coffee at Cafeology, one of Sheffield’s biggest coffee services providers based in Tinsley, said: “Coffee prices have been on the increase for a little while now. Coffee is at a seven year high.

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The average price of a takeaway cup of coffee in the UK was £3.40 in January, but that is expected to rise.

"A big impact has been frost damage in Brazil, they had an unexpected frost in July and will have lost roughly 5-8 million bags of coffee due to the damage.

“Brazil’s production is probably down by 8-9 percent which is a huge amount. Brazil is the biggest exporter of coffee, whenever something like that happens it has a knock on effect and it pushes the prices up."

While Cafeology buys most of its coffee from Costa Rica and Colombia, the decrease in Brazilian production has pushed prices up in other regions.

It is understood that some Sheffield cafes are now having to look at raising their prices.

Bryan Unkles and Steve Hampshire with the new roaster at Roastology

Steve added: “We have also got shipping issues, a shortage of drivers in the UK and similar abroad. There are problems getting coffee from the ports onto the sea because of a lack of shipping containers. We seem to be in a perfect storm of Brexit, the issues in Brazil, and the supply crisis.

"It is important to us at Cafeology that we are true to our ethics and that we look after the farmers we buy from. We have bought as clever as we can but we are paying more for the same quality of coffee from our farmers.

"We supply a lot of Sheffield, we deal with both universities, we supply the teaching hospital and the theatres.

"We also supply a lot of cafes and bars throughout Sheffield and the UK. I expect there will be some price movement. I would expect the price to increase slightly per cup but not by huge amounts.”

An unexpected frost in Brazil, supply chain issues, and issues associated with Brexit have contributed to a rise in the cost of coffee.