Amusement at 'Village People' reference in Sheffield City Region name change

The reference to the Village People’s biggest hit appears to be accidental.

By David Walsh
Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 2:18 pm

Readers have reacted with anger, acceptance and amusement to The Star’s story on the cost of rebranding Mayor Dan Jarvis office to SYMCA.

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Most felt a public body should be publicly accountable for spending taxpayer’s cash.

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Mayor Dan Jarvis

Some said branding was important and worth the money.

And on Twitter, Rob posted a picture of the Village People, and said: “South YMCA? Good lord.”

Officials say they are ‘not in a position to provide a figure’ on the full cost of change Sheffield City Region to South Yorkshire Metropolitan Combined Authority to reflect the area’s geography after Chesterfield, Bolsover, Derbyshire Dales and Bassetlaw became ‘non-constituent members’.

The reference to the Village People’s biggest hit appears to be accidental.

The new name is South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority. SYMCA.

Paul Hague, founder and CEO at BlackDice Cyber said: “Not in a position! Well find a position and provide the taxpayers with a cost so far and what the remaining budget looks like.

“When will these people realise this isn't their own personal toy, their own personal bucket of cash. They are accountable, before, during and after our money is spent.”

Dave said: “Yes! If public money has been spent on something there should be transparency on what and how much. There has to be accountability in public office, especially so around finance.”

Justin Seaman wanted to know if the rebrand was taking money away from local services.

He added: “It seems strange that the figures are not released, why hide them?”

Rob Jefferson: “I'm all for holding public bodies accountable, so long as it's done in a responsible way.

“I'd welcome an article that puts the rebrand in context with similar projects to ascertain value for money.

“For me, assuming it's been managed responsibly, it's the right thing for the rest of South Yorks migrating from the Sheffield City Region brand.”

Gary JG I bet he does know really and he's just shy about mentioning the figure out loud.

M.J.H said: “Doesn’t matter. That’s life. Did you have the same interest when Asda rebranded?”

As part of the name change, the Mayor’s title will become the Mayor of South Yorkshire.

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