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Technology developed in South Yorkshire to protect people working on their own, is crossing the Atlantic.

Dinnington-based Connexion2, developer of the Identicom personal safety device, has teamed up with leading North American monitoring services company G4S Justice Services to develop the device for markets in the USA and Canada.

The Identicom looks like a normal name badge, but it also incorporates mobile communications technology to enable staff working on their own to raise an alarm if they are threatened.

The badge transmits a signal which tells security staff the exact lolcation of the worker and then allows them to listen in and record what is happening with such clarity that it can be used in the courts in evidence.

The lanyard on which the badge is worn also incorporates an alarm which is automatically triggered if anyone tries to tear off the badge.

The multiple award-winning device is widely used in the National Health Service.

It is also used by companies and charities with workers and volunteers who are out and about, dealing with clients and the general public on their own.

Workplace violence costs around $121 billion (£77 billion) a year in the US and an additional $16 million (£10 million) in lost wages, with one in 20 private organisations experiencing at least one such incident every year.

Trends are similar in Canada, where the Bureau of Justice Statistics says one in six crimes occurs in the workplace.

Connexion2 is supplying G4S with Identicom badges which G4S monitors through its industry leading North American Alarm Receiving Centres.

Sales director Chris Allcard said: “We are proud to announce the partnership with G4S in the US.

“Their infrastructure, staff skills and experience and understanding of the needs of various types of lone workers has enabled them to create compelling solutions around our devices and technologies.

“We look forward to supporting them as they develop this market.”