Connection from £300 per month

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Of course, any business can have superfast broadband - if it is prepared to pay.

When the Digital Region network is switched off in August, businesses and residents in Sheffield city centre will be faced with dropping down to standard broadband or paying for their own connection.

Idaq Networks of Attercliffe claims it can offer superfast speeds through its wireless service for about £300-a-month, with installation costing about £1,500.

Sheffield ISP Ask4, which has 100,000 student customers, offers a leased line with install costs of between nothing to £5,000, with similar monthly costs to Idaq.

Hyperoptic’s gigabit service is aimed at blocks of 50 flats or more, where residents register demand and petition building management.

Founded in 2011, the firm received a £50m investment last year from Quantum Strategic Partners.

Meanwhile Sheffield City Council - which was connected to Digital Region - has gone with Virgin for all schools and council services.