Conka-ing the games market

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When schools hit the headlines for banning the traditional British game of conkers on the grounds of “health and safety” an innovative Sheffield City Region company decided to hit back with an app.

Conka is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Sean Maloney, managing director of ‘ideas incubator’ Think On!

“Conka is a very personal project for me. You could say that it’s a veiled attempt to bring back a time when a round of Conkers defined the day’s winners and losers,” says Sean.

“Nostalgia aside, Conka is our way of paying homage to a brilliant schoolyard game that, thanks to smartphones, can now be enjoyed by players of all ages, worldwide.”

Think On! was set up with backing from advanced manufacturing firm Newburgh Engineering to help young people who have great ideas, but don’t know how to turn them into products, raise funding and find markets.

Projects it has been involved with span games and pastimes, outdoor pursuits and sports coaching, dentistry and dieting. For more on Conka, visit: