Compensation to Sheffield homes on high speed rail route

p21 ld'Artist's impression of high speed rail train in station.
p21 ld'Artist's impression of high speed rail train in station.
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TRANSPORT Secretary Patrick McLoughlin today revealed next Monday as the day for the route to be disclosed for a high speed rail line through Sheffield.

He added a ‘generous’ compensation package will be offered to householders and businesses who find themselves on the likely route.

A lengthy consultation process will take place over the coming months before the final route is decided.

Mr McLoughlin said: “There is a generous compensation scheme. For the section of route between London and Birmingham, we are suggesting homeowners are paid the value of their house before the announcement is made, plus 10 per cent, up to a maximum of £47,000.”

He said arrangements with businesses would be made on a case-by-case basis, subject to individual negotiations.

“We are not doing this to demolish businesses. We are investing in this railway to help business prosper,” he said.

Mr McLoughlin, whose Derbyshire Dales constituency borders Sheffield, said homes and businesses needing to be demolished would be kept to a minimum.

And the Transport Secretary said ‘substantial investment’ would be made to link the high speed station to the surrounding area.

His deputy, Rail Minister Norman Baker, has said the route ought to stop at a station near Meadowhall rather than the city centre, because a line into Sheffield would involve complex and expensive tunnelling.

Mr McLoughlin said: “It is important people have good access to the stations. And what is important for Sheffield, as with other regions, is that we do everything possible to improve transport links and attract investment.

“This is a very important announcement for Sheffield, however it is not necessarily a rail scheme for cities themselves, but to serve regions.”

The route to be revealed next week will show how the proposed line will run north from Birmingham to Leeds.

The entire high speed network will cost approximately £32 billion.

The line through Sheffield will not be ready until the 2030s.

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