Company’s success is built on its retaining family ethos

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Binghams may have passed through several hands – including some big food manufacturing businesses – but it has never lost its family feel, says director and co-owner Peter Moon.

“The great thing about Binghams is it has always been run as a separate entity,” says Mr Moon, who spent three years running the firm he and his wife were to buy 20 years later.

“Right the way through it has had its own staff, so it has never felt like part of someone else’s larger factory. I think that is why we continue to have contact with ex-employees. We have a lot of retired staff who have kept popping in, well into their 80s.”

In fact, it was thanks to the “Binghams family” that Mr Moon was able to find out about Charles Bingham.

It transpired that Charles and Beatrice’s daughter, Marie, by then living in London, had paid a visit to the company late one Friday night, when she was in Sheffield, and been given a tour by one of the company’s then employees.

She had written, thanking the employee and he was able to pass on her address to Mr Moon. Although she had died by the time he wrote to her, Mr Moon’s letter was passed on to her son by one of her neighbours and he was able to provide some history and old pictures.

“Being in a residential area also gives the firm a family feel,” says Mr Moon. “It has its challenges with deliveries, but we have harmonious relationships with the neighbours, most of whom we pre-date. I believe in keeping a good dialog going with them and making sure they know who to contact if they have any concerns.”

Living near a business like Binghams may even have its advantages.

“Since we operate from 7am to 3:45pm, it means that, in the evenings, this is a very quiet area,” Mr Moon points out.