Company expands into new markets

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HEALTH and education are among the new markets being developed by Birley Manufacturing Solutions as part of its diversification strategy.

The company has made furniture equipment for reception areas, libraries and class rooms as part of the Building Schools for the Future initiative and supplied furniture for reception areas and hospital bedrooms as well as special steel tables, shelves and storage for facilities where doses of medicines are prepared.

Birley’s healthcare business is a short step from its industrial side, which grew out of work for the electronics sector and now spans everything from making laboratory benches, work stations and fume cupboards to fitting out clean rooms.

The company has also made benches and tables for Marks & Spencer’s online retail business. It’s a short step from Birley’s industrial business to the work it does for the rail sector. That began some years ago when Birley was asked to use sheet metal skills to make ‘under-frame skirts’ which protect electrical and ancillary equipment carried under the train from flying debris.

The company is the UK’s largest manufacturer of under-frame skirts, which need to be replaced on a regular basis and have to be made by coded welders, because of the safety implications.

More recently, the company has moved into fitting out buffet car galleys and carriage toilets and has completed contracts to make furniture and fittings for the refurbishment of Network Rail’s George Stephenson House headquarters in York and ticket counters that comply with the Disability Discrimination Act for the central station in Cardiff.