#CityRegion2015: Origin Broadband backs Small Business Award

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My name’s Oliver Bryssau and I’m the managing director of a Doncaster-based telecommunications company called Origin Broadband.

As our business has grown over the years, it’s been a point of real pride for me and my team to have won a range of local and national business awards.

Last year Origin was named ‘National Business of the Year’ by the British Chambers of Commerce at the Tower of London. I was also named national ‘Young Person in Business’ at the same event.

As proud as I am, the reason I pointed that out was to help me explain the immense benefit my business has seen from being nominated for these awards. At the SCR Business Awards last year, I shook hands with key people from a range of business, managed to help new businesses to upgrade their connectivity across multiple sites and extend my network of contacts across the region.

I enjoyed spending time with my team and I won ‘Young Business Person’, which was a great honour. All in all a great night with some great entertainment too!

We’ve been fortunate and received a range of benefits from the awards, so we’ve decided to sponsor the ‘Small Business of the Year’ category at the 2015 SCR Business Awards.

It’s still fresh in my mind how good my win felt last year, and I will be very happy to present the winner with the award and share that with them.

It will be another good opportunity to speak to business leaders and learn what challenges they face in relation to connectivity.

The Federation of Small Businesses has suggested that nearly all SMEs believe that a stable internet connection is essential to their success, yet as many as 14 per cent of small businesses state that they don’t have an adequate connection, and an equally low number are actually happy with the service they receive.

Origin Broadband has always been committed to improving the standard of connectivity throughout the region; the rollout of our bespoke network across much of Yorkshire last year cemented our position as one of the best companies to offer high-quality, affordable and accessible services needed by businesses to operate effectively.

In 2015, there’s even more we can do to improve things for businesses following the launch of the ‘SuperConnected Cities’ initiative, dedicated to improving the way that businesses work online.

As registered suppliers, and the top-performing provider in the City Region, we are helping more local businesses than ever before to secure a grant to upgrade.