#CityRegion2015: Environment Award put Inmotion! by eco firm

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Inmotion! is proudly supporting this year’s CSR/Environmental Award.

The company helps businesses to get the most out of environmentally friendly travel options available to them, from efficient driving to public transport and cycling.

Businesses in South Yorkshire can shrink the growing costs of car fleets with Eco-Business Driving.

Every company has a legal obligation and duty of care to ensure employees who drive on company business are as safe as possible while out on the road. This also covers any employees who use their own vehicle for travel.

The Eco-Business Driving scheme offers free driver training and ongoing company support.

The programme helps businesses comply with current Health and Safety legislation. It will also encourage your employees to drive in a more effective way, helping to reduce emissions, save money on fuel costs and increase driver safety.

Companies are assigned a specialist advisor who will work with you to develop a tailored Eco-Safe plan.

Through group discussions and in-car driving sessions, the plans help businesses to develop policies and practices to minimise costs and maximise safety while driving for work.

The programme has provided driver training to 60 local businesses since it launched in October 2013.

South Yorkshire Housing Association Limited signed up and are seeing some significant savings.

Stuart Bingley, of NEAT Transport and Stores, Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team, South Yorkshire Housing Association Limited, said: “All 23 drivers who took part gave excellent feedback, saying that they really enjoyed the training and felt it was very informative and well presented.

“Our initial figures are showing an increase of approximately five per cent on miles per gallon achieved by our vehicles.

“That’s almost a £2,500 saving on our yearly fuel spend and almost 2,000 litres less fuel.

“We anticipate further savings on maintenance costs, especially tyres, on the 16 vans that we currently use.

“As an incentive to our drivers we are appointing a monthly fuel champion for the driver showing the biggest increase in MPG, with a prize of a high street shopping voucher.

“We thoroughly recommend the Eco-Business Driving training course. It is a win, win situation.

“Save on fuel – save on maintenance costs. Increase speed awareness, road safety and above all it’s free.”