City workers among hardest hit by recession

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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THE real value of average earnings in Sheffield has fallen by 18.8 per cent since 2008, according to the GMB union.

A table released by the union works out the real value of wages when taking into account the rise in inflation over the last four years.

Leeds workers have been hardest hit, followed by those in Sheffield.

The table sets out the real value of wages in Yorkshire and Humber, after taking the 14.8 per cent inflation figure into consideration.

The GMB said workers in Leeds have seen their wage packets go down 4.4 per cent or 19.2 per cent in real terms over the last four years, while in Sheffield the figure was 4.1 per cent or 18.8 per cent.

In Doncaster salaries had fallen 0.3 per cent or 15.1 per cent when taking inflation into consideration.

Meanwhile in Rotherham salaries rose 2.9 per cent - but fell 11.8 per cent after inflation and in Barnsley they were up 6.7 per cent - but down 8.1 per cent in real terms.

Nationally workers’ salaries had fallen by an average of 12.8 per cent, the study found.

Tim Roache, GMB regional secretary, said: “A living wage and pay rises to help hard-pressed families as bills go through the roof are needed to boost the economy and stop the downward trend.

He added: “With the real value of wages falling there is no mystery as to why the economy is in a downward spiral.”