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Cars in Sheffield
Cars in Sheffield
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It’s a make of car known for its affordability and its reliability.

So it should come as little surprise to the motorists of Sheffield to learn trusty Fords head up a top 10 list of the city’s most popular cars.

According to the results of a Freedom of Information request submitted to the DVLA, and based on the number of cars registered in Sheffield up to March 31 this year, it’s the Ford Focus which has most city drivers’ engines running.

There are no fewer than 10,722 Ford Focus cars on Sheffield’s roads - with the Ford Fiesta close behind with 9,408.

Ford also takes the sixth spot with the Ford Transit van - there are 5,649 in Sheffield - and the tenth spot too, with 3,573 Ford Mondeos completing the list.

Plumber Lee Steele, aged 37, from Sheffield, is one of the city’s 10,722 Ford Focus drivers - as is his wife Jane.

Both their cars are silver, and he is ‘happy’ with his automatic.

But he said he doesn’t drive a Focus by choice.

“It was the only one that was affordable at the time I was buying,” he said. “But I’m happy with it. It’s cheap enough, it’s reliable enough. It’s a nice car to drive.

“It’s 13 years old though, with 133,000 miles on the clock.

“Being a plumber, I put 500 miles a week on it easy. I sometimes drive from London to Scotland.

“They’re known for not being very good on fuel but it’s a nice car to drive – it’s easy.”

Retired Fred Clift, aged 75, from Sheffield drives a black 4x4 Ford Maverick, and was in the city centre to pick up his son.

“I drive this because it’s a four-wheel drive, which I need,” he said. “It’s not very fuel efficient though. I don’t know how much they cost new but they’re expensive to run.”

Delivery driver Amir Mohammaei, 55, originally from Iran, lives in Sheffield and drives a silver Toyota Yaris - eighth on the city’s top 10.

He said: “It’s good for my job. It’s fuel efficient.”

A spokesman for The Car People, which compiled the research, said: “For Sheffield, Ford once again leads the way.”

The city’s top 10 cars

1. Ford Focus

2. Ford Fiesta

3. Vauxhall Astra

4. Vauxhall Corsa

5. VW Golf

6. Ford Transit van

7. VW Polo

8. Toyota Yaris

9. Renault Clio

10. Ford Mondeo