City jobs specialist backs Zero Hours

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The managing director of a Sheffield employment law specialist has spoken out in defence of controversial zero hours contracts.

The contracts have been criticised because staff are not guaranteed work or pay from one week to the next.

However, James Murphy, managing director of Meadowhall-based EL Direct says that, in the right circumstances, zero hours contracts can be the ideal solution for both employer and employee.

He believes the contracts are particularly suited to certain types of work, such as bar and restaurant work, where flexibility is essential.

Mr Murphy acknowledges that zero hours contracts can be misused and says he wouldn’t recommend them to anybody looking for more than around eight hours of work each week.

“The contracts themselves aren’t particularly easy to write as there is a lot to take into account, such as holiday entitlement and sick pay – which employees on these contracts are still entitled to.

“But, if done correctly and managed properly, they can be fantastic for the workforce and fantastic for managers,” Mr Murphy adds.