City firm to lead UK’s major green initiative

Green power: Graham Cooley and Deputy PM Nick Clegg at ITM's headquarters.
Green power: Graham Cooley and Deputy PM Nick Clegg at ITM's headquarters.
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Green energy company ITM Power is to lead what has been dubbed the largest single sustainable energy project in the UK.

The Sheffield company is to head the Ecoisland consortium, set up towards the end of last year to use ‘smart technology’ to create a renewable energy system on the Isle of Wight.

Now, it has been announced that the Government’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, is pumping £2.3 million into the £4.66 million project.

More than half of the money will go to ITM, which is designing and building two refuellers, generating hydrogen from water and will play a key role in integrating its technology into the island’s gas distribution network.

Blue chip companies collaborating with Brightside Lane-based ITM include IBM, Toshiba, Cable & Wireless Worldwide, Scottish and Southern Energy and the universities of Nottingham and Glamorgan.

Hydrogen generated by ITM’s technology will also be used to fuel a fleet of fuel cell and conventional engine powered vehicles and a boat.

ITM’s chief executive, Dr Graham Cooley, said: “Ecoisland represents a quantum leap for renewable technologies in the UK.

“ITM Power’s energy storage and clean fuel technology will be at the heart of this project that gives us an ideal opportunity to link our equipment with world leading smart grid technologies to create the integrated energy grid of the future.”

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