City Buzz: Sour sweets and creative cakes at The Sweet Shack

City Buzz Crystal peaks Market PlaceClaire Connor in The Sweet Shack
City Buzz Crystal peaks Market PlaceClaire Connor in The Sweet Shack
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With everything from the classic fruit salad to the more obscure alien foam , and jelly beans to jelly dolphins, The Sweet Shack has it all.

Based in Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre Market for almost eight years the store, run by Claire Connor, is a haven for anyone who is partial to a sweet treat, or two . . . or three.

City Buzz Crystal peaks Market Place The Sweet Shack

City Buzz Crystal peaks Market Place The Sweet Shack

Claire said: “We work hard to cater for people of all age, and all tastes.

“We have a wide range of people coming in to the shop, from school children who just want to buy something for fifty pence to the more mature group who only want a certain brand because it’s what they remember from childhood.”

In the past 18 months, Claire has also added items for budding bakers to her shelves - making for an eye-catching and very colourful display.

You can expect to find everything you need to decorate your cake creations, including ready-to-roll icing, sprinkles, and even glitter, paint and glue. You can also buy the cupcake cases and boards you will need to present your bakes with pride.

“We branched out in to baking products because we listened to what our customers wanted,” said Claire.

“We cater for people who make their own cakes, but also those who can’t afford to get a cake made but want decorate it themselves. People buy basic cakes then comes here and see what they can buy to make it special and unique for them. It’s very cost effective.

“Sometimes, we get people come back and show us what they have done with their cakes which is really nice.”

The store also offers personalised chocolates for weddings and special occasions, along with wedding favours, mini love hearts and miniature chocolate bars.

Customers can also send in their own photos which can be printed on to edible paper to put on top of cakes, so you can make them truly personal.

“We always respond to what our customers want and keep an eye on the trends,” added Claire.

“They asked us for metallic colours and silver and gold leaves and we got them in.

“We also keep up with trends with the sweets. Recently, we’ve had a lot of children coming in asking us for the sourest sweets we have as part of a new sour shocker trend.” (For those who, like me, have no idea what that is, it is just choosing sweets purely because they are the sourest that can be found).

Being surrounded by sweets all day, it is little wonder that Claire has quite the sweet tooth herself.

You have to put the sweets through proper quality control,” she said with a smile.

“In all seriousness though, I wouldn’t serve anything to my customers that I wouldn’t be happy to eat myself.”

You can find The Sweet Shack and Cake Creations at Unit 76, The Market Place, Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre. You can also search ‘The Sweet Shack’ on Facebook to find more information on all the products available in the store, including pictures.