City Buzz: Find the perfect top to suit your favourite jeans

Carolyn Rawlings, of Tops For Jeans, Baslow Road, Totley.
Carolyn Rawlings, of Tops For Jeans, Baslow Road, Totley.
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We’ve all been there, it’s Friday night and you don’t know what to wear. Whether it’s cocktails with the girls or date night, you don’t want to be over or under dressed.

It’s a situation, which like a lot of women I imagine, I face most times I go out - and the inevitable ‘jeans with a nice top’ springs to mind.

Tops For Jeans, Baslow Road, Totley.

Tops For Jeans, Baslow Road, Totley.

The only issue is that this creates a whole new problem in itself. I surely can’t be the only one who has struggled to find a top that is nice but not too dressy?

That’s where Carolyn Rawlings comes in. Answering the prayers of women across the city, the style-savy entrepreneur has just launched her aptly-named brand ‘Tops for Jeans’.

She said: “I mostly wear jeans and a top, as do many of my friends; a jumper in the day and a ‘going out top’ In the evening.

“I’ve always struggled, however, to find what I’m looking for - which was a fairly plain, but classic looking item that has something subtly different about it.

“This was the inspiration behind the business.

“ Everyone has their favourite Jeans so my aim is to provide the ‘Top’ and something that’s just a little bit different.”

The business was initially launched on Facebook, but last month Carolyn opened up on a full time basis in a shop - Rosies in Totley.

The shop had previously been run by Carolyn’s mum, but had been closed for six years.

The store stocks a range of tops in different colours and styles in-keeping with current trends. But, it’s not all about the tops.

Carolyn added: “I’m mostly selling jumpers right now, due to the time of year, with pearl or subtle diamanté detailing or a frill. We have some pretty loose fitting styles for those days when you just want to cover up, as well as closer fitting styles. We also have some great capes and ponchos to throw on with a pair of jeans on those days where we can go without the big puffa jacket.

As the business continues to grow, Carolyn hopes to have a quick turnover of stock at a good price - so customers can always find something different and unique to wear, whatever the occasion.

She said: “I hope that way any regular customers will know it’s worth popping in every couple of weeks to see if there’s is anything new.

“I don’t want to stock too much of anything either so people don’t have to worry too much about bumping into someone locally wearing the same item.

“I hope that anyone struggling for something to wear with their jeans on a Friday night might be able to pop in and see us on the day and get sorted.”

You can view all of the tops available at Carolyn’s shop, Rosies, which can be found at 164 Baslow Road, Totley. You can also see the full range at the ‘Tops for Jeans’ Facebook page at site. Rosies is open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm and also Saturday from 10am to 1pm.