City Buzz: Charity vintage treasure trove

City buzz shopping feature in Broomhill - St Luke's Vintage Charity Shop. Pictured is Chris Quinlan.
City buzz shopping feature in Broomhill - St Luke's Vintage Charity Shop. Pictured is Chris Quinlan.
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Vintage is always in fashion - and if you visit the St Luke’s Hospice vintage store in Broomhill you’ll be buying fabulous fashion that does good.

The charity shop was opened 18 months ago, and is dedicated solely to selling vintage and retro wares.

The shop is run by manager Heather Bull and deputy manager Curtise Monk, who are both vintage lovers.

When I visited, I was greeted by a smiling Christine, who was wearing a bright blue patterned dress from the 1970s. Her passion for the shop was clear as she showed me round the rails and shelves - all filled with pre-loved delights - from women’s and men’s clothing, to games, books, home ware accessories and bric-a-brac.

She said: “I love it in here. I tend to wear things from the 1960s or 1970s. Most of my clothes are at least 40 years old so this was the perfect place for me to work.

“We sell vintage items from a range of eras and to suit a range of styles. Everyone has their own idea of what vintage is – it encompasses so many different things.

“Most of our homeware tends to be from the 1920s or 1930s, like the teacups, but most of our clothing tends to be from the 1950s, like the dresses.” (Including a beautiful light pink dress with a fitted floral bodice and ballerina skirt which I just had to have – it is, after all, for charity).

Curtise added: “We get many different customers in here; women, men, students, older people, collectors. Some people come in and they know exactly what they want, but some have a themed party and they want our help.

“I like to help people find something they will love. Not everyone will want to dress head-to-toe in vintage. Some people will want to just wear one small piece - like a scarf or some earrings. I like helping people to dress up. “People bring in clothes that they wore themselves or were worn by their mothers or grandmothers. Every piece has a story. It’s nice to know that all of these things are going to get a second lease of life and be loved again.”

She admitted that sometimes she is tempted to buy things.

“Sometimes things do come in and you feel your heart quicken and you know you want it - I love not knowing what we are going to get.”

Looking at the rows of beautiful clothes - arranged according to item type, colour, style, pattern - it’s easy to forget you are in a charity shop.

Curtise added: “We do take pride in our presentation. We also give the best possible customer service. We want people to come back and we want people to think of vintage and think of our shop.”

Where to find the shop

The shop is at 3 Crookes Road, S10 5BA. It is open from 10am until 5pm Monday to Friday. Call the shop on 0114 267 0708 or e-mail Also search ‘St Luke’s Broomhill Vintage Shop’ on Facebook and Instagram. Also visit to buy online.