Circling loan sharks could be caught in wider net

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LOAN sharks have been targeted in an attempt to clean up a Doncaster village.

As part of the multi-agency Neighbourhood Alliance project, police and council officers joined forces with the England Trading Standards Illegal Money Lending Team, to tackle the issue in Denaby.

Staff from the Illegal Money Lending Team have been available to show people the detrimental impact which illegal money lending can have on individuals and communities, and to encourage those already involved with illegal money lenders to contact them.

The team has provided information to the community to raise awareness of what signs to look out for if they are approached.

These can include offering little or no paperwork to the borrower and refusing to advise of the interest rate or how long they will be paying back.

Tony Quigley, head of the team, said: “We’re really pleased to now be involved with the Neighbourhood Alliance project as it enables us to raise awareness with the community about loan sharks.

“We would always advise people to avoid loan sharks as they operate illegally and their ‘debts’ are not enforceable by law.

“In most cases, they will start out friendly, however their behaviour drastically changes when repayments are missed and they can only resort to methods such as intimidation, threats or violence to reclaim the money.”