Christmas is coming - 100 days to go

Chris Smallwood,John Galley and Paul Thorpe, left to right, and their turkeys, at the Castle Market
Chris Smallwood,John Galley and Paul Thorpe, left to right, and their turkeys, at the Castle Market
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We’ve barely had the time to unpack the suitcases following our summer holidays.

But already Sheffield is beginning to think about Christmas.

And tomorrow marks a significant milestone in the run- up to the seasonal festivities.

For on Sunday there will be JUST 100 days to go until the big day.

Already around the city there are telltale signs that Santa is on his way.

Supermarket shelves are filling up with mince pies and other seasonal goodies.

Pubs and clubs around the city have put up signs advising customers to book early for their Christmas lunch or annual office party.

Some, like the Gypsy Queen in Beighton, have even trimmed up a Christmas tree to do the job.

John Lewis is offering Christmas cards and decorations – some traditional others ultra modern - which you can order online at then pick up in store in Barker’s Pool.

It’s a similar Christmas tale at Marks and Spencer.

But at least they are holding off on the decorations. At least for now.

A spokeswoman said: “We haven’t yet had confirmations to when we will start trimming up.

“But we normally do it in time for the school half term.”

Meanwhile, at the Castle Market butchers are already getting set for the big day.

Each year Slattery’s stall sells hundreds of locally sourced big birds each year.

Proprietor John Galley even makes it easier for people to cover the cost of their Christmas dinner by offering a savings club.

John said: “We’ve been operating the Christmas savings club for years now and it’s getting more popular each year.

“It allows people to put a £1 per week away and people really like that.”

This year John is ordering 200 turkeys for starters and will order more if required. And he sells just as many turkey crowns.

He said: “The most popular sized turkey weighs around 10lbs and the biggest we sell these days is around22lbs but we have sold them up to 35lbs and that’s a big bird.”