Charity expands to meet growing demand

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Homelessness charity Emmaus Sheffield has launched a £200,000 extension project as demand for its help grows.

Based in the historic Sipelia Works, a former cutlery factory close to the city’s Canal Basin, Emmaus provides a working community with self-contained accommodation, training and a workspace for men and women aged 18 plus.

It aims through social enterprise to provide meaningful work and enable the people it supports - ‘companions’ - to eventually become self-supporting once more.

The centre currently has space for 14 companions but work has now begun to create four further en-suite rooms.

“The hard truth is we are now regularly having to turn people away when they need us most,” said manager Graham Bostock.

The companions are doing much of the work themselves and the new rooms should be ready by the autumn.

Visit the charity’s new website for more information.