Changes to postal deliveries in Sheffield

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Posties are to change their delivery routes and methods in several Sheffield communities over the next few weeks.

Royal Mail said staff in the S11, S12 and S13 Sheffield postcode areas would be using vans and new equipment including trollies to deliver the mail, rather than the traditional postbag.

Bosses want to ‘modernise’ the service because of changes in the way people use mail services, including an increase in the number of heavier parcels being sent but a drop in the number of letters.

A spokesman said staff levels would not be affected and ‘most customers’ would not notice a difference in their service.

She added: “There is a small percentage of customers who might notice a change if they are normally in the house when the post comes, as it may come slightly later.

“But we will still be delivering every day to every household.”

The changes started to be phased in on Monday.

Every resident in the areas affected will receive a letter explaining the changes.

New trollies and other equipment being introduced will help to reduce the risk of injury to postal workers during their rounds.