Changes to Park Hill complex renovation backed

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alterations to the refurbishment of Sheffield’s Park Hill estate have been approved - and include scaling-down the number of flats.

Sheffield Council’s city centre, south and east planning board approved the application which included consent for front porch areas and windows onto the ‘streets in the sky’ communal areas.

Developer Urban Splash also asked for permission to retain a neon sign recreating a quirky proposal, ‘I love you, will u marry me’, daubed on the walls in graffiti around a decade ago.

Plans for a hotel to be included in the lower floors were withdrawn from the application by the developer.

The company was also given permission to reduce from 321 to 263 the total number of homes being created as part of phase one, with the number of one bed homes cut from 196 to 118 and two-bed homes increased to 138.

Seven three-bed homes are also included in the plans, to make the complex ‘more marketable’ to housebuyers.

Under the changes, a pedestrian link to the nearby railway station will be left out of the current phase of the redevelopment scheme.

But Mark Latham, development manager for the building, said: “The level of ambition and vision has not at all been downgraded and we still want the very best for the building.”

An extension to the commercial uses for lower floors, to include restaurants, bars and a gym for residents’ use, has also been approved.

The other change is that plans for a multi-storey car park have been delayed and a temporary surface car park approved.