Centre picking toy tester

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IT’S the job children dream of - and now Sheffield shopping centre Meadowhall is making it a reality.

On Monday the centre is interviewing a shortlist of candidates for the job of a toy quality control analyst, who will test out new toys and games.

The kids will be asked to look through a selection of toys and comment on their ease of use, likes and dislikes and what they look like.

The children will also be assessed on their enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, initiative, creativity and articulacy before the lucky winner is announced.

Candidates had to have been born between 1999 and 2005 and spend at least two hours every day playing with toys. The winner will try out toys available in the centre and report on their findings throughout the summer holidays, as well as keeping an internet blog and reports on YouTube TV.

Darren Pearce, Meadowhall Centre director, said: “This provides us with a great opportunity to really understand what it is that kids want.”