Business is booming - but no-one wants jobs

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AN EXPANDING South Yorkshire family business claims it is struggling to fill jobs - because too many jobseekers are not prepared to work hard enough.

Bosses at the Topping Pie Company, based at Chappell Drive, Doncaster, is further expanding on November 1 when it opens a new pie stand at Crystal Peaks in Sheffield.

Owner Roger Topping said the firm has taken on new business which meant it needed to expand its workforce but has struggled to find staff.

“We have taken on all Morrison’s Yorkshire stores, a number of Sainsbury’s and we have orders for Selfridges, Makro, Fenwicks and Asda,” he said.

“Business has nearly doubled so we’ve had to expand our workforce but we just can’t find the staff.

“We can take people on temporarily and if they’re any good they could be taken on full time, but what we have been getting is a joke.”

There are 35 workers at its depot, with jobs available in production, packing and fork lift truck training.

Mr Topping added: “We just can’t get the staff, we are carrying out interviews and people seem interested and then they either just don’t turn up or are lazy.

“The staff we do have are having to work six and a half days a week because of the demand.”

Operations supervisor Mrs Wendy McMahon said people they had taken on were ‘unreliable’.

“They always seem keen and then we start getting excuses. All they need is to be willing to learn and do a hard day’s work.”

She said if decent workers did not come forward soon she would have no choice but to fill the posts with agency staff.