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Sheffield Precision Medical is investing in new machinery following a successful trip to a global orthopaedic conference in San Diego and record interest from overseas.

The Petre Street firm, which specialises in making orthopaedic instruments, hip, knee, elbow, ankle and finger implants and custom made surgical instruments, was already in the middle of an expansion programme when it decided the time was right to invest in more equipment.

Managing director Brian Reece said: “It’s been very encouraging for us to be able to invest in new high-tech cutting edge machinery and to expand our existing product portfolio. We are constantly evolving, expanding and increasing our global reach.

“I am very pleased with the company’s progress, which is ,not least of all, due to the highly skilled and well motivated team of which I am proud to be a part. It is great to part of the resurgence in manufacturing and the experience such uplift against the backdrop of a difficult recessionary time.”

Sheffield Precision Medical decided on further investment after travelling to the world-renowned American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ conference to look for new business, enhance connections with large US companies and expand its global portfolio.