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Attractive solution to central heating losses

MAGNETS could have a special attraction for people wanting to cut their fuel bills, thanks to a new innovation from Anchor Magnets.

Darnall-based Anchor makes a range of magnetic tapes, sheets, signs and even paper that can be used in inkjet printers, while also laying claim to being the only organisation in Europe with the capability to recycle flexible magnets, giving it the potential to save thousands of tonnes of magnetic material from being dumped landfill sites every year.

Anchor’s latest innovation is called Warmroom and is a reflective sheet that attaches to the back of radiators to ensure that heat is reflected back into the room, instead of heating the wall.

Mike Burton, who came up with the idea, says tests by Sheffield University show Warmroom reduces the amount of heat going through the wall by 60 per cent.

“I’ve been in the magnet industry for 30 years and I’ve always been interested in practical things and the way things work.

“Two thoughts came together and the result is something simple and so easy for any one to install that it hardly rates being called DIY,” says Mike.

In the past, people have tried to cut heat loss from radiators through outside walls by mounting sheets of shiny material on the wall immediately behind the radiator.

However, that can mean removing the radiator to mount the sheet and then replacing it.

“The last thing anyone wants to do is remove a radiator,” says Mike.

Anchor has been in touch with energy companies that have provided customers with free sheets to fit behind their radiators in the past, only to find them in the bin rather than mounted on the wall.

“They have been amazed at how simple it is with Warmroom,” he adds.

Anchor developed Warmroom in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, Business Link and Sheffield Hallam University.

South Yorkshire Housing Association has offered the product to tenants who have been testing it throughout the winter and are due to report back on its benefits at the end of March, ahead of a full scale launch later this year, in time for next winter.

Anchor Magnets’ managing director, Peter Holmes, said: “With everyone seeking to reduce their heating bills with the onset of winter, we’re confident the product will be a big hit with customers spanning students, pensioners and families.”