Bus lights to be removed

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REMOVAL of unpopular bus priority traffic lights in a Sheffield suburb will still go ahead - whichever party is in charge of the Town Hall after the May elections.

Ruling Liberal Democrats have decided to axe the bus gate on the northbound approach to Woodseats after complaints from residents and motorists - and following a highly-critical report.

The lights were designed to hold traffic in a queue and allow only a small number of vehicles through at once, to ensure ‘consistent traffic flow’ in the suburb, infuriating drivers by changing to red whether or not a bus was coming.

Some buses also ended up delayed rather than having faster journeys because they did not have equipment to turn signals for the bus lane to green automatically.

The ruling Lib Dem council’s highways committee has voted to remove the lights - and Labour deputy leader Coun Bryan Lodge said it would be ‘churlish’ if the party did not allocate funding for removing them if Labour takes power in May.