BREAKTHROUGH: South Yorkshire firm makes ‘waterless’ laundry mainstream

Mark Nichols, chief executive of Xeros,
Mark Nichols, chief executive of Xeros,
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A South Yorkshire company has unveiled equipment that can make almost any washing machine ‘waterless’ - opening the door to a revolution in laundry.

Xeros has created a pedestal that can be fitted into almost any model and is inviting manufacturers to take advantage of it.

Xeros' new pedestal

Xeros' new pedestal

The company, based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park, has pioneered small plastic bead cleaning in a process that uses 80 per cent less water and 83 per cent less energy than traditional methods.

A spokesman said: “Clearly for Xeros it’s a game changer as it means the technology can be relatively painlessly integrated into almost any manufacturer’s machine, massively expanding its market reach.

“The manufacturer does not need to change the design as the Xeros pedestal can be integrated simply at an end stage. This is primarily for commercial washing machines, think hotels and dry cleaners, so big markets if you consider global scale.”

After years of development, Xeros says it is now at the point of breakthroughs using polymer beads that it claims will disrupt not just laundry but tanning and dyeing fabrics.

The company is still dependent on investors. In 2016 it commissioned 140 commercial laundry machines compared to 48 the year previous and it has 438 on order.

It also has ‘approved supplier’ status with Hilton Americas Supply Management which represents 4,300 hotels across Canada, the USA and South America.

It has filed seven new patent applications this year. Income increased to £2.5m last year and cash resources are £23.6m.

Mark Nichols, Xeros chief executive of Xeros, said: “Over the past 17 months, we have achieved major milestones in our technology development and its commercialisation. We now have strong evidence that we have the capacity to deliver sustainability, performance and economic benefits across three world scale industries: cleaning, tanning and textiles.

“Technical validation and increasing market endorsement show that we possess a platform technology that can transform these industries.

“The long-term value of our technology in each of the selected markets is substantial, given their scale, the environmental and economic pressures on them, and the quantum of the improvements we deliver in these areas.

“These benefits are now increasingly being recognised and we are in discussions with a number of partners with the objective of accelerating our commercial development.

“Our scope and strategy is now fixed. 2017 will be a year of execution.”