Breaking: New bridge plan for railway station

Breaking News: For more keep returning to the web site.
Breaking News: For more keep returning to the web site.
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TRANSPORT Secretary Justine Greening has offered £3 million to fund a second pedestrian bridge at Sheffield rail station.

The move aims to resolve a four-year dispute over plans to install ticket barriers on the existing bridge to reduce fare evasion, which is estimated to lose train companies £2.3 million each year in Sheffield alone.

Residents and city politicians have campaigned against the barriers because they would prevent residents of Norfolk Park and Park Hill, and Supertram passengers from being able to cross the tracks

Under the plans, ticket barriers would be installed on the existing bridge, which is used to access platforms - but the new bridge would be open for residents and Supertram passengers.

The offer was made during a meeting between Rotherham-born Mrs Greening, transport minister Norman Baker, Sheffield MPs, councillors and members of protest group Residents Against Station Closure.

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