Big year for ITM Power

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Key 2012 developments for Sheffield-based ITM Power include securing a leading role in the EcoIsland project and the Government-backed UKH2Mobility initiative.

EcoIsland is the largest single sustainable energy project in the UK, employing smart technology to create a renewable energy system on the Isle of Wight that models what a future energy system might look like.

The H2 Mobility initiative brings together utilities companies, car manufacturers and others to put hydrogen-powered Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles on the UK’s roads and develop the fuel supply infrastructure to support them.

This year has also seen ITM win contracts to supply hydrogen fuel systems for Boeing, Airbus parent group EADS, French government-funded research organisation CEA and Nottingham University.

During the last nine months ITM has won research funding for projects to develop:

Hydrogen as a safe alternative to highly flammable bottled gases such as acetylene and propane.

Cheap, efficient, green, clean car engines.

Fuel cells which are cheaper, smaller, lighter and just as powerful as existing cells.

Ways of injecting hydrogen into the gas mains, to cut use of fossil fuel natural gas.

Last, but not least, 2012 has seen ITM Power unveil a series of pioneering partnerships with organisations that include Texas-based handling equipment power systems supplier Infintium Fuel Cell Systems and German gas storage and refuelling specialst GHR.

The company has also announced partnerships:

With an unnamed utility company that is investigating injecting hydrogen into German natural gas supplies.

With companies in the UK, Italy and France who want to develop equipment that could be used in the home to produce hydrogen from water.

With construction group GMI Energy, which specialises in designing, installing and managing renewable energy and energy saving systems to help companies save on energy bills and cut carbon emissions.