Big bang marks start of demolition

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EXPLOSIVES are being used to start the demolition of buildings at the former Thorpe Marsh Power Station near Doncaster.

The site is being levelled to make way for the development of a gas powered generator on the land.

No work has yet been done on the landmark cooling towers at the site, but some of the buildings have now been removed.

A spokesman for Able UK Ltd, which owns the land, said two concrete hoppers have already been knocked down, using 138kg of explosives.

They were described as being ‘imploded’.

Residents living at Barnby Dun reported a loud bang and a siren when the explosions happened.

One resident living near the site said his house shook after the bang.

He said at first he thought a bomb had gone off.

He said: “It was such a big explosion that it shook the walls and windows. When I looked out I could see a big dust cloud.

“I didn’t know it was happening and it was quite frightening.”

But Barnby Dun Parish Council did not report any complaints over the noise.

It is not get known when the cooling towers will be demolished.

Thorpe Marsh was a coal powered power station which finally closed down in the late 1990s.