Beauty hit - and beauty miss

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Julie Coffey is a GP, natural health blogger at and lives in Crookes. She reveals her best and worst beauty buys:

HIT: Udo’s Choice ultimate oil blend, £13.59,

I think this is the perfect blend of essential fats for health and supple skin. I order it online and take a tablespoon a day, sometimes in a smoothie. A bottle lasts me four weeks. I used to have very dry skin but noticed a tremendous improvement after taking his oil.

MISS: E45 Intense Recovery body lotion, £5.99, Boots

This is a nice lotion to use, but it took effort to apply this twice aday to control my skin’s dryness. I would get through about 4 packs in 4 weeks at that rate too, at a total cost of £23.96. It is expensive and time-consuming compared to the ‘inside out approach’ of Udo’s oil.

JO RECOMMENDS: Carino Miracle Oil, £3.29 for 50ml, Aldi

Smoothing and strengthening your hair with a drop of Moroccan argan oil is all the rage - and rightfully so. It makes hair so much more lustrous and manageable. The first product to hit the market was Moroccanoil; it’s brilliant, but pricey at around £14 for just 25ml. This version from Aldi is a pretty good second in my book. Great product, great value.