Beatson Clark’s new eco bottle

Beatson Clark (Production Development Manager David Binney (right) and Hot End Specialist Steve Roden
Beatson Clark (Production Development Manager David Binney (right) and Hot End Specialist Steve Roden
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Is this the shape of beer bottles to come?

Rotherham-based glass container manufacturer Beatson Clark has designed its first tapered beer bottle and succeeded in cutting the weight of the bottle by 30 per cent in the process.

The wraps are due to come off the 500ml bottle – the equivalent of a pint in ‘old money’ – at the Food & Drink Expo at the Birmingham NEC this month.

Although the bottle is tapered, Beatson Clark has deliberately kept the dimensions similar to the previous style so that breweries do not need to invest in new parts for their bottle filling and handling lines.

Beatson Clark says the biggest challenge it faced was reducing the weight of the bottle while retaining sufficient strength, but, cracking the problem means it can now apply the lessons it has learnt to other products in a range that spans everything from food to pharmaceuticals.

Cutting the weight reduces raw material, energy and production costs, while helping Beatson Clark meet waste reduction and emissions targets that fit in with its green ethos and means clients get a more cost-effective product without compromising on quality.

By using bespoke finish moulds Beatson Clark can also offer clients their own customised design by having their company name or logo embossed on the bottle, even for volumes as low as 150,000 bottles.

Marketing director, Lynn Sidebottom, said:“This is an exciting development for Beatson Clark and one we think will be very popular with the brewing industry.”

Beatson Clark says the tapered design was developed in response to market research, but it will be continuing to make its traditional range of straight-sided beer bottles, which weigh in at 403g, compared with the lightweight’s 285g, for customers that want them.

The new bottles are designed to be sealed with traditional metal crown caps, but can also be sealed with tamper-proof screw caps.