Beating counterfeiters

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With such a respected brand, recognisable designs and strong reputation, it isn’t surprising to find Wolf’s torches being counterfeited, particularly in the Far East.

The firm’s answer has been a combination of registering its designs in China and Europe and education – including through the company’s website – to combat the counterfeiters and convincing customers that their products do not come anywhere near the safety standards of genuine Wolf products.

“The internet means we can get our message across to customers much better than before,” says technical director Alex Jackson.

“It is amazing how many new customers we are getting on a daily basis. People don’t know a vast amount about safety lamps. How do they find out? They go on the internet.”

While Wolf faces challenges from counterfeiters in the Far East, it has also succeeded in developing links with a Chinese firm which makes head torches to Wolf’s designs which would be prohibitively expensive if they had to be made in England.

n New technology means Wolf’s latest torches can be up to five times brighter than its original products, whilst running for twice as long on the same set of batteries, using LEDs which do not need replacing during the lifetime of the torch.

The company has also begun manufacturing hand lights incorporating coloured amber and red lights that can be used to signal, warning of hazards or to stop.