Barnsley firm goes with the flow to grow

AVQ's Denham Jobling with one of the Barnsley firm's smaller specialist devices
AVQ's Denham Jobling with one of the Barnsley firm's smaller specialist devices
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A BARNSLEY company is taking to the moors to help restore one of the rarest wildlife habitats in the world and combat climate change.

AVQ Water Solutions has created specialised flumes that will measure water run-off on Exmoor and Dartmoor and send the data to Exeter University researchers every 15 minutes.

Its innovative devices will help experts assess the effectiveness of work to ‘rewet’ blanket bog, which is water-logged peatland.

The flumes are up to six metres long and can measure flows of up to 3,000 litres a second – fast enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool in 14 minutes.

Getting the first flumes into position was a challenging enough task, but the third promises to be even more difficult.

“In order to get the flume to the first site we designed it so it could be flat-packed and also bought a quad bike and trailer to handle the off-road terrain,” said AVQ director Denham Jobling.

“The third device, to go on Dartmoor this spring, is in a particularly remote spot so one of the options being considered is for us to work with the British Army to fly the equipment in by helicopter.”

Dr David Smith, who manages the work on Exmoor, praised the Barnsley firm’s work.

“The equipment provided by AVQ is both innovative and advanced and, as far as we know, a system quite like this hasn’t been put into moorland before,” said Dr Smith.

Winning the prestigious contract has helped AVQ expand by moving into new premises on the Redbrook Business Park, at Wilthorpe.

Denham Jobling says the company’s success has been underpinned by advice from Enterprising Barnsley, the organisation which helps local firms to grow.

“As well as help to formalise a business plan, Enterprising Barnsley has offered expert assistance with health and safety and human resources. This has allowed us to bring sub-contractors in-house and we expect to be able to create more jobs as we expand further,” said Mr Jobling.

Following its move and recent contract successes, AVQ expects its turnover to treble this year.