Barclays online banking down: customers unable to access accounts and use some services

Barclays customers are unable to use their mobile and online banking services after a major outage affected users across the UK.

The bank has apologised to concerned customers, saying they hope to get systems back up and running soon.

Barclays have been affected by a technical outage

Barclays have been affected by a technical outage

A statement on Barclays’ Twitter account said users should still be able to make payments and check their bank balance in the mobile app as usual, but acknowledged issues with telephone banking, branches and online services.

Services in-branch are said to be intermittent, with some customers on social media reporting that they were turned away as the bank could not carry out basic transactions.

A Barclays spokesperson said: "We're currently experiencing some technical problems - customers are still able to use Barclays Mobile Banking app to check their balance, make and receive payments.

"We're on it, and as soon as it's fixed we'll let you know."