Backing to change ‘worst’ roundabout in Sheffield

Brook Hill roundabout, Sheffield.
Brook Hill roundabout, Sheffield.
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The ‘worst’ roundabout in Sheffield could be overhauled to make it safer in a plan that has been backed by fed up drivers.

Options being considered for busy Brook Hill roundabout - which will also aim to improve traffic flow – include turning it into a ‘super-junction’.

The roundabout has been described by cyclists as the most dangerous one in the country, and is difficult because of its size, crossings and the volume of traffic that uses it.

Reader Mark Brocklehurst said: “It is ridiculous having a major roundabout with pedestrian crossings just off the exits so it bottlenecks into the middle of the roundabout.

“Why not just make it like Park Square and have a traffic lights system?”

Tamsin Hicks added: “It is the worst roundabout in Sheffield.

“The amount of times I’ve nearly had a car hit mine because they don’t look when pulling onto it is unbelievable.“

Heather Young said: “Almost anything would surely be better than it is now.”

Others said a change had ‘got to be done’.

Staff at The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Council are looking at options as part of work on how to improve the whole area around the campus, including helping pedestrians cross Western Bank and Upper Hanover Street.

Funding could come from the Sheffield City Region Investment Fund, which is directed by private and public sector representatives.

David Caulfield, the council’s director of regeneration and development, said it was still ‘early days’ for the project.

He added: “We will explore whether the best solution is a roundabout or a super junction.”