Apology sent to thousands of Sheffield residents

Streets Ahead work in progress on Rainbow Avenue, Hackenthorpe
Streets Ahead work in progress on Rainbow Avenue, Hackenthorpe
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Letters are being sent to 3,500 Sheffield residents apologising for delays to resurfacing work in their area.

Faulty street lighting circuits are to blame - and the problems are taking longer than expected to fix.

Alison Smith, of High Green, said: “They are nowhere near finished even though it should all have been done by August 8.

“On Potterhill Lane, we still have old and new street lights with large holes around them, a causeway that has been scraped but not resurfaced, and the road hasn’t been touched.

“The workmen start one job then disappear leaving unfinished work behind them, that up to now is not completed.

“If you ask either the men who are working on site, or telephone the council about what is happening, all they can say is, ‘I don’t know’.

“It’s been a complete fiasco and I for one am fed up.

“Our latest date for the road resurfacing is September 11 to 12 but I am not holding my breath.”

Sheffield Council contractor Amey said it is sending letters to 3,500 homes in High Green to apologise for the delay and ‘update’ residents about the schedule.

The company said it was expecting road resurfacing to be completed during September, street lighting by October, and pavement resurfacing during November.

Chris Morris, Amey’s operations director, said: “At times, unforeseen circumstances get in the way of progress and we hope people will bear with us.

“We will try to make sure communication is improved.

“With a major programme such as this, one of the things you will always get is small programming changes.

“We hope that the people of Sheffield will bear with us during the disruption because the Streets Ahead project will bring a real benefit to everyone.”