Adventures with words for Tania

Signing up: Tania Bramley and young fan at a book signing in                              Sheffield; below, cover of one of her books
Signing up: Tania Bramley and young fan at a book signing in Sheffield; below, cover of one of her books
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Peak District children’s author Tania Bramley has been visiting Sheffield schools to talk about stories and writing with pupils from in and around the city and reading extracts from her own books.

So far, Tania has visited Ecclesall Infants and Dobcroft Junior School, and will spend a morning in Nether Green Junior School in the New Year as part of the school’s Writing Week.

She has also visited many schools in the Peak District.

“I love reading to children and talking to them about what makes a good story,” says Tania, who is an English teacher.

“I have two children of my own and have written my books with them very much in mind. It is a pleasure to share my stories with a wider audience and to listen to children’s ideas about what makes an exciting, readable tale.”

Tania has three books out in print so far, with another two that are due out any day now.

She has had three book signings in Sheffield’s Waterstones store and has appeared alongside writers Rony Robinson, Simon Beckett and Samantha Priestly at The Harlem Café, supporting charity Friends of the Peak District in their fundraising efforts.

“My first two books, Nananette and the Doldrums and Nananette and the Wreckers, were adventure stories, because that is the type of story I always enjoyed as a child,” explains Tania.

“The books are written for 7-to-11-year-olds and I have included many elements of mystery, like strange lights on a clifftop, treasure maps, secret hiding places and an unusual-shaped key.

“I love asking the children in schools what they think this key could be used to open and where this could be. They always come up with amazing ideas.”

Tania’s third book, Chintz the Chihuahua, is a collection of animal tales about a rather spoilt little chihuahua and her best friend, Sandy, the golden retriever.

“Everyone loves animal stories,” says Tania, who has a cat, two kittens and two rabbits of her own.

“We all like the idea of dogs and animals having their own world, in which they can talk to one another.

“That is what Chintz is all about.”

Tania’s husband’s family live in Hillsborough and her mum was also from the city but died three years ago.

Tania said: “In fact, ‘Nanan Carol’ features in one of the books! When I visit schools in Sheffield and talk to pupils about writing and about what makes a good story, I feel very close to her: she, too, was a writer, and a teacher.”

Tania is happy to visit other schools and talk about writing. She does not charge at the moment.

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