ACTION DESK: Don’t fall for lottery where everyone loses

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SENDING bogus lottery letters from Spain to Sheffield must be a costly business when stamps cost 70 cents a time - but it’s clearly worth it.

Roderick Mansell, of Robertson Road, Walkley, is the latest recipient of the old scam letter informing him he’s won mind-boggling sums in a draw he never entered.

The envelope comes from Malaga and blethers on about a mix-up that eventually saw his name entered and what do you know? - he won.

Now all he has to do to become mountainously rich is send back his address and bank details...

Roderick said: “Please inform readers to help prevent anyone being conned into false hopes.”

And there’s the problem, someone will fall for it - and the scammers will make much more thieving from people than they ever spent on stamps. Or they wouldn’t still be doing it years after ‘Spanish lottery’ became a byword for bogus.

Action Desk says keep your guard up and look out for those who may be taken in.