15 old photos from when the car was king on The Moor and Fargate in Sheffield

There was a time when you could drive on The Moor and Fargate and park outside the shops.

Thursday, 21st January 2021, 8:38 am
A rammed Fargate in 1937. Trams, buses, cars and lots of people.

But times have changed and they have been pedestrianised for more than 40 years. As the council considers a permanent traffic ban on Pinstone Street, we dug out old photos and asked readers for their memories of when the car was king. Thanks to Sheffield Archives.

The Moor with John Atkinson department store, right, looking towards Lansdowne Road flats under construction in the distance. Photographer: Albert Coe On Twitter, @brownncream said: ‘Mistake (closing The Moor) if you ask me. Took life away from the street. Life moves on. Better now, but Manpower Services Commission building cut off the south from the city.’
Looking towards High Street and Kemsley House, 1937. Will SW @bestnot87: ‘Must've been an air quality nightmare. Meadowhall is why town is so depleted now. Bringing back motor vehicles is a fool's idea.’

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John Pritchett: "The whole of Sheffield was incredibly vibrant. But it was so stretched out you'd have duplicates. Two M&S's, two BHS's and two Woolworths. Greenery and fountains are no substitute for lots of people."
Albany Hotel and Yorkshire Penny Bank, right.
John Pritchett, aged 59, of Bradway, said: ‘I think Fargate improved from pedestrianisation, though the Moor was far better with traffic. The Manpower Services Commission building (Moorfoot) put paid to that.’
Junction of London Road, Cemetery Road and The Moor in October 1963. Barclays Bank and the Locarno Ballroom (former Lansdowne Picture Palace) in background.
Decorated for Queen Victoria'a Jubilee, looking towards St. Paul's Church (demolished). Premises on left include Nos 86-90, John Atkinson, Draper (with large flag), No 94, J. Puttrell and Co. Painters.
The Moor looking towards Pinstone Street and the Town Hall, with Pauldens at left. On Twitter @basilteabag said: ‘The Moor seemed to become rundown after pedestrianisation. Fargate was improved. Many avoid the city centre due to bad parking and crazy one way systems.’
Annie @AnnielizzieSten: ‘I remember it well. One thing that I will never forget is being stuck on the corner by Boots because there was so much pedestrian traffic it couldn’t move. The footpath couldn’t cope with the volume of people Christmas shopping.’
Looking towards Pinstone Street. Roberts Brothers' Rockingham House department store, in background. @wildtwo66: ‘I think it is better pedestrianised. I remember lots of buses and lots of people on the pavements and dirtier as we hadn’t gone smokeless.’
Mikey Virus, @xeccar: ‘I can just remember this happening, it seemed quite exciting at the time, and when pedestrianised was always thronged with shoppers. I regret the loss of the Goodwin fountain though in more recent times. The Moor somehow seemed to lose something after pedestrianisation…’
Premises include No 206 Yorkshire Bank Ltd, No 210, S. Sawer, Confectioners, No 2, Ecclesall Road, Henry Playfair Ltd, shoe shop.
Pauldens department store, left and Woolworths.