£1.5m of nuclear cash for SMEs

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A £1.5m fund has been launched to help manufacturers target the nuclear sector through a scheme run by the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Rotherham.

Fit For Nuclear is offering grants of £10,000 to South Yorkshire companies that want to meet industry standards and compete for work in the civil nuclear sector.

More than 5,000 SMEs are needed to ensure the UK has the capacity to meet its £60bn build programme and multi-billion pound decommissioning contracts already under way.

“Smaller manufacturers have a vital role to play in civil nuclear, if they can meet the standards demanded by the industry’s top tier,” said Mike Tynan, chief executive of the Nuclear AMRC.

“To win work, South Yorkshire companies need to make sure they have the ability to meet safety, quality and cost standards, and can demonstrate that their specialist capabilities can deliver value to clients.

“We created Fit For Nuclear to help manufacturers close any gaps in performance, and this new funding will provide vital support.”