£1.4m ‘green’ vehicle upgrade

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Retail and consumer finance company Buy As You View has invested £1.4m in going green and in improving its vehicle fleet.

When the company, which has major operations in Rotherham, found it needed to upgrade its vehicles to larger estate cars to allow account managers to carry more equipment, fleet manager Wendy Barton decided to take the opportunity to reduce overall carbon emissions by investing in more energy-efficient vehicles.

The new fleet offers lower average carbon emission and have other eco-friendly features including energy saving tyres, low running costs and stop start engines which can achieve 15 per cent savings on fuel costs when driving in town.

Wendy Barton said: “Although we now offer payment via Direct Debit and PayPal, which has the potential to reduce our annual mileage and carbon emissions as well as improve customer service, the majority of our 80,000 customers still prefer to pay in cash.

“This means that account managers covering more rural areas are required to do a good deal of travelling and can easily cover up to 25,000 miles over the course of a year.”