Why Sainsbury’s has stopped selling fireworks in Sheffield shops this year

Sainsbury’s has revealed they will stop selling fireworks this year in the run up to Bonfire Night.

Friday, 18th October 2019, 11:26 am
Updated Friday, 18th October 2019, 12:26 pm

Sheffield shoppers will not be able to pick up fireworks at the supermarket after they pulled the products from across their 2,300 UK stores.

The company said that they made the decision following a regular yearly review of all its products.

Posting on Twitter, the company confirmed that they won’t be selling fireworks in any of their stores and the news has gone down very well.

Sainsbury's Local on High Street in Sheffield.

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Pet owners have declared the announcement ‘the best news ever’ with customers asking other supermarkets to follow suit.

One shopper tweeted: “Thank you so much for putting safety before profit & choosing not to sell fireworks this year. Animals, elderly, and vulnerable people suffer needlessly around this time of year, so to hear about this was fantastic. I can only hope other supermarkets etc follow suit.”

Another replied: “Hi @Sainsburys this is the best news ever. Every owner of an anxious dog or pet will be so thankful of this and I hope other supermarkets follow.

“Thank you from all the animals!”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told The Sun: “Fireworks are no longer available in our stores but customers can continue to choose from a range of seasonal products, such as glow sticks and light up spinning wands.”

The move comes after a petition to ban shops from selling fireworks gained 750,000 signatures earlier this year.

It is currently an offence to let fireworks off between 11pm and 7am except on Bonfire Night (midnight to 7am), New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali (1am to 7am).

Customers need to be 18-years-old to buy then and they must not be set off in the street.

Fireworks can only be bought from registered sellers between October 15 and November 10, December 26 until December 31 and three days before Diwali and Chinese New Year.

However, you can buy fireworks at other times of the year from licensed shops.