This is where you can shop in Sheffield city centre to get some lovely wedding gifts for just £10

Buying a gift is always important, but if it's a wedding present it needs to be something that the couple will want to keep for life.

Thursday, 22nd August 2019, 17:02 pm
JPI Media apprentice Kian Rains holds up a 'Mrs and Mrs' egg cup set for sale in Within Reason, in Sheffield, from brand Sass and Belle. The item was found during a £10 wedding gft shopping challenge as part of the Sheffield City Centre retail awards.

As part of the Sheffield City Centre Retail Awards, I have decided to set myself a £10 shopping challenge and see what fabulous things I can buy in city centre shops, with just a ten pound note available to me. As it's wedding season, it seemed appropriate to find wedding presents.

Research shows that people in Sheffield spend £30.71 on average on a wedding gift, but even that can add up if there are lots of weddings coming at once – I’ve got three weddings coming up soon. So, I decided to set myself a challenge and find gifts for all three for £10 each.

I went to Sheffield city centre, along with colleagues Sam Ward and Kian Rains, with the money in my purse and the determination to buy three of the best wedding gifts I could.

A plaque for sale in Within Reason, in Sheffield, from brand East of India. The item was found during a £10 wedding gft shopping challenge as part of the Sheffield City Centre retail awards.

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Our first stop was Within Reason, a beautiful shop on Devonshire Street selling a variety of gifts, accessories, books, cards, clothing and homeware from a wide range of popular and also lesser known brands.

Handily, there was a shelf laid out with wedding themed gifts where we found ‘Mr and Mrs’ egg cups for £4.95 for the pair. The cups, made by Sass and Belle, feature a moustache design for his and a lip design for hers and are perfect for the couple who like to share a leisurely breakfast together at the weekend.

For the sentimental couple there were a three different items for sale from the brand East of India. The first was a heart-shaped plaque with the words ‘It doesn't matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you’ for £5.95, the second was another plaque with a picture of a lucky horseshoe and the words ‘good luck’ for £4.95, and the third was a lucky horseshoe for £9.95.

I could even mix and match some of these gifts and still keep within budget which is fantastic. If you are quick, there’s also a small jewellery box with the words ‘rings and sparkly things’ which you could buy for the couple to keep their rings safe. It's in the sale for £4.

Next, we went to Bird’s Yard, a fabulous shop on Chapel Walk. which sells various items from many independent sellers and makers.

We found a range of wedding cards for sale for around £3, and not only that there were options for the ‘Mr and Mrs’ wedding, the ‘Mrs and Mrs’ wedding and the ‘Mr and Mr’ wedding. One of my favourites was a card drawn by local artist Nicola Holmshaw, and sold under her brand Pixie Drew, featuring two penguin brides sharing a kiss.

Elsewhere in the shop, I also found some heart-shaped slate coasters and plaques with the words ‘Mrs and Mrs’ and also ‘Mr and ‘Mr’ painted on them along with some dainty and colourful flowers. The plaque was £3.50 and the coaster was £5. I could buy one of these and a card and still come in under budget which is wonderful.