Yorkshire-set comedy drama Rita, Sue and Bob Too heads to Spa

Rita, Sue and Bob Too is a twisted, dark and hilarious comedy dramaRita, Sue and Bob Too is a twisted, dark and hilarious comedy drama
Rita, Sue and Bob Too is a twisted, dark and hilarious comedy drama
Up and coming Diva Productions is bringing the Yorkshire-set comedy drama Rita, Sue and Bob Too to Scarborough later this year.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too is a twisted, dark and hilarious comedy drama that tells the story of Rita and Sue, two working class girls from a rundown council estate who are about to finish their final year at school.

In their spare time, they earn money babysitting for married couple Bob and Michelle.

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Behind Michelle’s back, Bob embarks on an affair with both Rita and Sue, who take it in turns with him in his car in the countryside. It is only a matter of time before Michelle and Sue's parents find out and when they do sparks most definitely fly.

Andrea Dunbar’s semi-autobiographical work is a funny, touching and vibrant play, full of wicked humour.

It is a stark snapshot of 1980s northern working-class life, under an increasingly repressive Tory government. In 1986, the play was adapted into a film of the same name, and attracted a cult following due to its intimate portrayal of ordinary people’s lives.

It starred George Costigan as Bob, Michelle Holmes as Sue, Siobhan Finneran as Rita and Lesley Sharp as Michelle. It was directed by Alan Clarke and filmed on the Bradford estate where Dunbar lived.

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When it was released in 1987, the film split critics with some giving it five stars and others castigating it for its portrayal of Britain they did not recognise.

Some of the locations in the Buttershaw area of Bradford – Rita's house; Sue's flat; the school and the Beacon pub in Reevy Road West have now been demolished.

The Arbor is a film that tells the true story of Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar.

Andrew Ashley, artistic director of Diva Productions. said: “Dunbar’s striking play continues to resonate with today’s audiences.

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"The challenge for us as producers is getting the balance between a nostalgic comic snapshot of the 1980s and a brutal reflection of these extraordinary characters.

"Many of the play’s themes such as unemployment, poverty, adultery, and not least, child exploitation, still echo contemporary society which makes this play a stark reminder that we didn’t totally leave these things behind in Thatcher’s Britain.”

Diva Productions is a production company which has developed a reputation for exceptional, powerful and quality theatre in Yorkshire.

"We never compromise on artistic quality in anything we do. Our work is artistically ambitious, entertaining and engaging,” said Andrew.

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“What drives us as a company in choosing our projects is the relevance of the production to today’s audience.

"We value good quality theatre and that is what we deliver to our audiences.

“Our work is produced with passion, love, dedication,” he said.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too is on at Scarborough Spa on Friday November 18 and Saturday November 19, daily at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available now from the box office in person, on 01723 376774 or www.scarboroughspa.co.uk