Sheffield audiences set to enjoy comedy stage show Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical

The world’s favourite Irish mammy is breaking into song on stage in a musical version of TV show Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 12:48 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 11:11 am
The gang's all here in Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical
The gang's all here in Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical

The crazy on-screen and real-life Mrs Brown family team are heading to Sheffield with the new show, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical?

It stars all the TV series favourites including Mrs Brown’s creator and star Brendan O’Carroll and Brendan’s wife Jennifer Gibney as daughter Cathy.

Brendan said that inspiration for the show struck him in a strange place – midair on a flight on the way to a tour of Australia.

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He said: “It’s actually the finest Mrs Brown thing we’ve written so far. It’s a Mrs Brown show with songs.

“We were on an airliner on the way to Australia when I said to Jennifer, ‘I’m going to write a musical’.

“Then we had a meeting before we had our tour. I said next year we’re going to do Mrs Brown on ice!

“It’s certainly my favourite show to do. Our goal is always that audiences when they leave should be sore from laughing, and tapping their feet at the same time.”

Brendan O'Carroll art the centre of the action in Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical

As usual, the audience are laughing along, said Brendan. “We manage to not lose that, even during the songs. The audience are doubled over during some of the songs as some of them are very funny.

“To see Mrs Brown doing a marching band song, well it’s quite ridiculous. The reaction has been fantastic. You always hope that whatever you’re writing will resonate with the audience.”

He said that some really keen fans have been to see every one of the shows and they love the musical: “We managed to change the product without changing the product.”

Brendan added: “I always had this thing about Mrs Brown becoming a bit of a phenomenon. I want to do every genre I can and we’ve had the tour, the record and the movie, four novels.

“She seems to work so well in every genre. I’m just happy to be getting away with it.”

So don’t rule out Mrs Brown on ice!

Brendan said everyone knows a Mrs Brown, which has helped to make her so popular worldwide. He said he’s had letters from fans in India and the previous tours have broken box office records across the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The star was the youngest of 11 children and he said the family suffered a lot of tragedy: “Comedy was how we coped with things. If you want to have really good fun, go to an Irish funeral. It’s how we cope with things.”

Although the show involves three generations of his family, who are incredibly close knit, Brendan said he is well able to switch off from Agnes Brown.

“A lot of people say you must be the hardest-working person in showbiz. We live in Florida and as soon as I step off the plane, I don’t even think about the show.

“I completely chill out with a good book and my feet up in the shade.”

He added: “I do leave the TV studio and come home without her (Mrs B). Because we have been doing this so long we bring the children up on the basis that this is your job. It’s a fantastic job. This is your work. It’s not your life. Life is your kids and your wife and get stuck in there and they do.”

The family live in adjoining homes, so Brendan can enjoy being granddad when all the youngsters turn up. Mrs Brown would surely approve.

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical? is at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena’s intimate, theatre-style Steel Hall from December 6-8.Tickets: or call 0114 256 5656.