Sheffield arena date for comedy star Jack Whitehall

Comedy star Jack Whitehall is returning to stand-upComedy star Jack Whitehall is returning to stand-up
Comedy star Jack Whitehall is returning to stand-up | Other 3rd Party
Comedian Jack Whitehall makes his third visit to Sheffield’s FlyDSA Arena on Sunday, December 1.

The popular film and TV actor and writer said: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be going back out on the road. There’s no feeling like standing up on stage in front of an arena full of strangers and still being able to hear your dad heckle you.”

Speaking about the show, he said: “As always, I like to have a good intro and a banging ending and some VTs in the middle and really throw everything that I can at the show to make it an amazing experience for everybody.

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“Each tour includes the same elements: a lot of humiliating stories about myself, some jokes, a dodgy impression, and a story about the royal family.

I end with one of the most candid and outrageous stories I’ve ever told. It’s about myself, and someone else, who may or may not be my father. It will also feature my most ambitious finale to date.

“Each time I do a finale I think, ‘How will I top this?’, and on this occasion I think I have achieved that.

“It’s just the right level to give my tour manager heart palpitations every night.”

Tickets are available from or on 0114 256 5656.