My name is Amy Ellison, I am playing the part of Laurey in Oklahoma as well as being the chairman of All Souls Amateur Operatic society.

I live in Halifax with my partner, Colin Akers who is also our musical director and our two children, Molly (who is also in the production) and our son Henry.

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* What shows have you worked on and which are your favorites and why

Gosh there’s so many to choose from! If I had to pick a couple, I would say Rosalinda in Strauss’s ‘Die Fledermaus’ just because it’s a fabulous more operatic role & I was lucky enough to have a bespoke handmade ball gown created by some extremely talented students at Huddersfield university (and all sopranos love a ball gown right!?).

And Kate in Cole Porters ‘Kiss Me Kate’ this was a role which really pushed me out of my comfort zone, plus it was so much fun throwing plant pots at the men’s chorus!

* What are the challenges of working on Oklahoma

Personally I’ve found the libretto can be tricky to decipher, for example one of Laurey’s lines is “oh, whut ud I do ‘thout you, you’re sich a crazy!” which roughly translates to “oh what would I do without you, your such a crazy” Thankfully I’ve got it cracked now!

* How are you preparing for the show

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I was already familiar with some of the music as it’s so well known & beautiful, but I must confess I’d never actually seen the show! So we had a family ‘movie night’ one Sunday afternoon (with a few sweet treats of course!). It didn’t disappoint! In fact I had ‘People Will Say We’re in Love’ stuck in my head like an ear-worm for days afterwards!

Oklahoma revolutionised the theatre business. It was the first musical to blend comedy, drama, dance, and song. It was also awarded a special Pulitzer Prize! All Souls’ are very fortunate to have been granted the licence to perform it, due to its recent professional revival in London!

It’s really important to me to capture the essence, the soul of any character I’m playing - Laurey has an innocence and yet an air of knowledge about her. She’s strong willed, dependant & fiercely stubborn!

* Who has been the biggest influence in your theatrical career

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Since a very young age I’ve always loved music and the theatre - it all really started when my Nanna introduced me to ‘phantom of the opera’ I was absolutely mesmerised! She had a beautiful voice & I always think of her whenever I perform.

Old curtains & bedding never went to waste in our house, I would spend hours ‘up cycling’ them into makeshift costumes & proudly parading round the house whilst performing my favourite songs!

* If you could invite FIVE people - fictional or real - for dinner who would it be and why

Tricky question, but I would have to say - Mary Magdalene - I have always wondered who she really was. Pocahontas, so she could tell us her true story, cutting up all the nonsense written about her. Nelson Mandela - I greatly admired him. Dame Alice Kyteler (not world famous, but fascinating intrigue and mystery), accused of witchcraft in the 1300’s and lastly Alfie Boe so he could sing to me all night!

* Why should people come to see Oklahoma

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Where do I start….the fabulous music, our superb principal cast and excellent chorus. And if that wasn’t enough, this year we have partnered with Miss Stacey’s school of Dance & Theatre - all I can say is the girls are amazing!! Why not come along and support us, we promise you a throughly enjoyable show.

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