TECH TALK: Dash to it for NextBase 202 Lite 720p Dash Cam

Dash to it and you can pick up an amazing NextBase 202 Lite 720p Dash Cam for under £50.

Saturday, 6th February 2016, 6:42 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th February 2016, 6:59 pm
NextBase 202 Lite 720p Dash Cam
NextBase 202 Lite 720p Dash Cam

Buy this dash cam now for £49.99 at Maplin - click here why should you buy a dash cam?

The NextBase 202 Lite is an excellent choice for recording events on the road in 720p HD quality, helping to reduce insurance quotes and assisting with making a claim.

With the built-in infrared LED’s, you will also get great quality recordings when driving at night.

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You can watch a recording back on the 2.7 inch built-in screen to review any events that have happened. The built-in G-sensor will allow the Dash Cam to record any impacts or sudden course changes so that the events is protected on the memory card.

The parking mode will allow the optical sensor to activate the Dash Cam, even if the car is empty.

While recording, the screen blacks out to prevent the Dash Cam from becoming a distraction to the driver. The Dash Cam also records the date and time directly onto all recordings to prevent any dispute.

This Dash Cam uses a class 10 SD card, between 2GB and 32GB (not included), to record any event.

A 32GB memory card will give you approximately four hours recording time. When the memory card becomes full, an auto loop function will allow the Dash Cam to begin recording over existing video files in chronological order.

Once the memory card is installed, the Dash Cam can be suction mounted directly onto the windscreen and is powered by a built-in battery or the in-car power supply. The Dash Cam will then automatically turn on and start recording when the engine is started.

Product details

NextBase 202 Lite 720p Dash Cam

• 720p resolution for HD recording of any event on the road

• 120 degree viewing angle to give you a wide view of the road ahead

• 2.7 inch built-in screen to allow you and to playback recordings and review events

• A built-in G-sensor to record sudden course changes or impacts and save any event onto the memory card in the event of an accident

• Infrared LED’s built-in to always give an image at night, regardless of light level

• Built-in battery to allow recording to continue for several minutes after the engine cuts out

• This Dash Cam can record onto class 10 SD cards up to 32GB in size (card not included)

• 30 frames per second recording rate

Special Features

• Screen blackout while recording to prevent driver distraction

• Parking mode built-in to allow recording of events even when vehicle is empty through activation of optical sensor

Buy the NextBase 202 Lite 720p Dash Cam now for £49.99 at Maplin - click here